Mill Canyon Log Homes Brochure & Floor Plans


Each log structure starts with the processing of native western lodgepole pine logs which grow primarily in high elevation country. These are known for their straightness, minimal taper and ease of use for handcrafting. Purchased in raw form, mostly from loggers, each log is then peeled by hand with the traditional draw knife coupled with a fair amount of sweat, elbow grease and muscle power! Thus, each log maintains its original characteristics just as nature produced it.

At our log yard, the logs are taken in their raw form and cut on two sides with our band mill. The inside and outside remain naturally round. During the kit phase the logs are stacked flat on flat with corners and joints being V-notched. This results in our butt and pass corner system which we have found to be one of the most energy efficient methods out there. Later on, at the on-site construction, a gasket sealer plus two beads of a special log home caulk are placed between each row. Each row is also doweled and screwed with timber screws. This all ensure a very tight, easily heated home.

Here is just a small sampling of plans available for your review. However, do keep in mind that one of our niches in the market is custom building. We enjoy building to your specifications so that the final product is YOUR product! YOUR home!

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One more thing; remember when comparing prices that when your kit leaves our yard each log has been inspected, notched and is ready for on-site erection. This greatly expedites the on-site erection process making for an enjoyable and pleasant building experience.

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